Thursday, December 6, 2007

I've been Tagged (3 times)

Well I guess I cannot ignore it any longer, I have been tagged 3 times now I guess I must get to posting. My taggers are Miss Kiralette Kelley, Miss Lavendar Beaumont, and Miss Hypatia Callisto. So I am gonna bend the rules a bit. Since I was tagged 3 times, I will list not 8 random facts but 24 random facts. Since I am late to the game, I will not tag others as I think everyone in the Caledon blogosphere HAS been tagged by this point, and some like me, more than once.

So here goes.

1) My avatar has a blue ponytail, I used to have one in real life but cut it off while looking for a job. Turns out the job I landed, it would not have mattered.

2) I am growing my hair out again so I may have a blue ponytail again in the future.

3) I like dressing weird in Real Life. I wear non traditional looking kilts, Victorian style shirts, cravat, and waistcoats, I've gone out wearing kimono, and just last night I went shopping wearing my replica Colonial Warrior Jacket from Battlestar Galactica (70s version)

4) I wrote my first computer program at age 6 on an Apple II+. The program was two lines long written in BASIC and was as follows:

20 GOTO 10

5) My favorite soda is Jolt Cola, but its hard to find. so...

6) I created the Jolt Finder to help people find Jolt Cola. The Jolt folk know about it and link to it from the official site.

7) I spotted a labeling error on the Jolt Silver cans which I brought to their attention and was fixed. (they neglected to list caffeine in the ingredients)

8) I only watch 4 shows on television regularly. These shows are Heroes, Journeyman, Battlestar Galactica, and Dexter.

9) I like to say I am ambisinister which is a word I invented that means "equally uncoordinated in both hands".

10) My favorite food is buffalo wings. Someday I want to go to the Anchor Bar where they were invented.

11) The only bottle openers and can openers I own are on my swiss army knives I use them often too.

12) Many people think Star Wars is my favorite movie, but actually my favorite movie is the 1927 Silent Film Metropolis by Fritz Lang.

13) On November 23, 2007 having determined to probably being Wyoming's sole SteamPunk, I declared myself King of the Wyoming SteamPunks, and will abdicate my throne on acquiring my first subject.

14) I have more than once forgot to go to sleep because I was reading wikipedia. You know how one article leads to a few others that lead to a few more, etc. and so forth and on and on and on...

15) I am nearsighted. I have often thought about putting glasses on my avatar but never found any I really liked.

16) I know I am getting older as there are video games in my house I have never played.

17) I play guitar. I even got payed to do it for a while. That was nice.

18) I have a calico beard. I have black, brown, red, and white whiskers in my beard.

19) I was reading by 3 years old, and was told I had a college level reading level while still in elementary school.

20) I still have my very first toy, a crocheted rabbit made by my father's boss' wife on the occasion of my birth.

21) I've only lost at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit once, and I play with a handicap. I once won a game in one turn.

22) I wrote my first script when I was 10 days old in Second Life. It was a script to change the opacity of a window in three stages.

23) I was a fan of pixar when they were still doing Lifesavers and Listerine commercials, many years before Toy Story.

24) I had many building toys when I was a kid, but never owned a single lego brick until I was an adult.