Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I am Number 6

I really don't want to toot my own horn about this, so I will let our Guvnah do it for me.

Zenmondo... where does one begin with Zenmondo?

Zen is the sort of fellow that one finds in movies; an unorthodox hero that might make the casual observer wonder: this jovial, offbeat, wayward fellow ~ a knight?

But just like the movies, the story reveals the truth. Our Zen has done countless quiet things for camaraderie and community: usually with his scripting talents, all too often with comic relief, and ultimately ~ with his heart.

RFL's kiosks in 2009 wouldn't have worked at all, were it not for Zen. Long hours of tireless, thankless effort on an unstoppable schedule. All of it selfless, unrecognised effort for people in need and a cause greater than himself.

He is a true Knight of Caledon.

- Desmond Shang

Monday, August 3, 2009

A very busy CodePoet

Zen goes to a long forgotten desk draw and pulls out a bound leather journal, lifting it to his face, he blows upon it sending a cloud of dust flying off of the tome and into the ear, he places it on the desk, takes out a quill and begins to write....

It has been a long time since I have kept this journal. That is not to say there has been nothing to write about, just that I have been so busy so as not to have time to write. I have expanded my horizons beyond Caledon, and have become a Jedi Knight in the New Order of the Jedi based on Ruusan. But I will not be writing of those adventures here, as it would be quite jarring to the established narrative.

One thing that has been taking up much of this CodePoet's second life is being the tech chair for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life of Second Life.

It was January (JANUARY!) that I recieved a most interesting note, entitled "A Hero's Quest" It read as follows:

Looking for potential Knight seeking to do Good And Worthy Deeds,

Whereas the prior Relay For Life Kiosk Scripter has resigned,

And whereas the prior kiosk scripts shall be made available,

And whereas the Hulking Beast of Bureaucracy may rear its head,

The Vicereine of Caledon, Her Lyonesse Kamilah I,

And the Guvnah of Caledon, the Right Honourable Desmond Shang,

Seeks a Hero to wield the Mighty Sword of Healing (+5),

And to fill the gap in scripting knowledge and other arcane arts for the benefit of the Relay.

Interested Hero Prospects shall contact the Chair of the Relay For Life of Second Life, Fayandria Foley.

I took up this quest, and I pray I did well for it. There were some technical hiccups beyond my control, but I have taken steps that they will not be repeated for the Relay of 2010. I am already committed to creating a new Kiosk and Vendor system for 2010, this time hosted on servers provided by the American Cancer Society. This should alleviate what were our biggest technical hurdles for 2009.

The 2009 Relay season is over, and it was amazing. Record-breaking fund raising and full of meaningful ceremony. I look forward to the part I have to play in 2010.

The thing that makes me sad is that I did not have a lot of involvement with Team Caledon this year as working for all of relay kept me very busy. I will try to balance this better next year.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Caledon inspired Haiku & Limericks

The sounds follow me
Machines are chugging away
It's Steam Sky City

A maid from fair Caledon
went out without knickers on
Along came a breeze
lifted her skirt with ease
Much to the joy of the looker-ons.

A dance in steam sky city
where girls are dressed so pretty
I come in late
I can't find a date
Alas, oh my, what a pity.