Thursday, December 6, 2007

I've been Tagged (3 times)

Well I guess I cannot ignore it any longer, I have been tagged 3 times now I guess I must get to posting. My taggers are Miss Kiralette Kelley, Miss Lavendar Beaumont, and Miss Hypatia Callisto. So I am gonna bend the rules a bit. Since I was tagged 3 times, I will list not 8 random facts but 24 random facts. Since I am late to the game, I will not tag others as I think everyone in the Caledon blogosphere HAS been tagged by this point, and some like me, more than once.

So here goes.

1) My avatar has a blue ponytail, I used to have one in real life but cut it off while looking for a job. Turns out the job I landed, it would not have mattered.

2) I am growing my hair out again so I may have a blue ponytail again in the future.

3) I like dressing weird in Real Life. I wear non traditional looking kilts, Victorian style shirts, cravat, and waistcoats, I've gone out wearing kimono, and just last night I went shopping wearing my replica Colonial Warrior Jacket from Battlestar Galactica (70s version)

4) I wrote my first computer program at age 6 on an Apple II+. The program was two lines long written in BASIC and was as follows:

20 GOTO 10

5) My favorite soda is Jolt Cola, but its hard to find. so...

6) I created the Jolt Finder to help people find Jolt Cola. The Jolt folk know about it and link to it from the official site.

7) I spotted a labeling error on the Jolt Silver cans which I brought to their attention and was fixed. (they neglected to list caffeine in the ingredients)

8) I only watch 4 shows on television regularly. These shows are Heroes, Journeyman, Battlestar Galactica, and Dexter.

9) I like to say I am ambisinister which is a word I invented that means "equally uncoordinated in both hands".

10) My favorite food is buffalo wings. Someday I want to go to the Anchor Bar where they were invented.

11) The only bottle openers and can openers I own are on my swiss army knives I use them often too.

12) Many people think Star Wars is my favorite movie, but actually my favorite movie is the 1927 Silent Film Metropolis by Fritz Lang.

13) On November 23, 2007 having determined to probably being Wyoming's sole SteamPunk, I declared myself King of the Wyoming SteamPunks, and will abdicate my throne on acquiring my first subject.

14) I have more than once forgot to go to sleep because I was reading wikipedia. You know how one article leads to a few others that lead to a few more, etc. and so forth and on and on and on...

15) I am nearsighted. I have often thought about putting glasses on my avatar but never found any I really liked.

16) I know I am getting older as there are video games in my house I have never played.

17) I play guitar. I even got payed to do it for a while. That was nice.

18) I have a calico beard. I have black, brown, red, and white whiskers in my beard.

19) I was reading by 3 years old, and was told I had a college level reading level while still in elementary school.

20) I still have my very first toy, a crocheted rabbit made by my father's boss' wife on the occasion of my birth.

21) I've only lost at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit once, and I play with a handicap. I once won a game in one turn.

22) I wrote my first script when I was 10 days old in Second Life. It was a script to change the opacity of a window in three stages.

23) I was a fan of pixar when they were still doing Lifesavers and Listerine commercials, many years before Toy Story.

24) I had many building toys when I was a kid, but never owned a single lego brick until I was an adult.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A fragmentary discovery

The following was found recently on the beach of FreeFlow, obviously damaged by the sea it seems to be written in ZenMondo's hand...

Dear Journal,

Well I finally after months of consideration (illegible) and she said (page is torn) and I am very very (illegible) I will be looking forward to my first anniversary of being in Caledon and now will have another (illegible) celebrate come Nov. 3

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lord Zen?

As announced in Her Grace Duchess of Kintyre Lavendar Beumont's blog, in being inducted into her court she has elevated this Knight to the rank of Earl for my tireless work I have done in Her Grace's service. She has created and made me 1st Earl of Machrihanish.

It is also well known that Her Grace is also known simply as Dar, my Lady Love, and the topic of my elevation has been in many late night conversations. In fact I dug in my heels and fought it until the 11th hour, holding out hope she would surprise me with induction into the Order of the Dragonfly. I enjoy being a Knight and have no higher aspirations than that. Yet she, and rightly so has reserved that honor for those who have not yet been honored elsewhere. It is very true that I have been recognized time and again for my service, and I should not feel so greedy to be in every chivalric order.

The motto of Kintryre is "Not for ourselves alone", and we are all about service to our nation and the recognition of those that do not usually get the glory. For those of you that know me, I have the heart of a servant. Being in my position has given me a glorious opportunity to serve, and serve not only my Lady Love, but hopefully Caledon as a whole. Also this opportunity has allowed me to serve in ways other than CodePoet. Its nice to know that I am not a one trick pony.

I have reluctantly accepted this elevation, and though I may be styled Lord or Laird I will not "lord" my position over anyone, nor will I cease in my work, I still feel like a Knight, or a Samurai. Samurai literally meaning "one who serves". I hope you will continue to address me as Sir Zen, or even just Zen, or even Mr. Wormser.

And please remember if you have an idea that will serve and benefit Caledon and need codepoetry to see it to completion (including public events), my services for such work has always been and will always be gratis.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The role of criticism

There are times when criticism is warranted, but I have to wonder what the purpose is in creating a persona to do only that, then attmept to pass it off as entertainment.

Now I know we all have our ideas of what Caledon should and should not be, what belongs and what does not. Caledon is an ideal, I have my ideas as to how it should be, and I know that not everyone agrees with me. In most cases I use the covenant as my guide, and some have said I take it too seriously, but I believe in our governing document.

There is room in Caledon for all our ideas and idealism within the theme of our beloved nation.

Dialog is always an option, but it is the opinion of this CodePoet that the creation of a persona to criticize anonymously is not the work of a concerned citizen but that of one who is more concerned with tearing down than building up. If one does have a long history in Caledon and strong opinions and wants to criticize others, I say use the reputation you have built instead of hiding behind a constructed persona, and come out guns blazing with an avatar mere days old.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I've just heard a song...

I've just seen a face,
I can't forget the time or place
Where we just met.
She's just the girl for me
And I want all the world to see
We've met, mmm-mmm-mmm-m'mmm-mmm.

I first noticed Dar when at the Tournament for Life Kissing Booth in Loch Avie when she piped up "I'll kiss Mr. Wormser for L$300" or however much it was. I was flattered by her boldness and like a gentleman, puckered up for a good cause.

Had it been another day
I might have looked the other way
And I'd have never been aware.
But as it is I'll dream of her
Tonight, di-di-di-di'n'di.

I hate to think of the odds of two people meeting and falling in love. I know it happens everyday, but it doesn't happen to me everyday (contrary to what some people think) Until that day, Dar completely flew under my radar, and to this day 4 and half months later I am grateful for her BOLD MOVE.

Falling, yes I am falling,
And she keeps calling
Me back again.

I started falling that day, though I will admit slowly at first, but picked up speed as the months go on, I fall more and deeper each day, faster and faster.

I have never known
The like of this, I've been alone
And I have missed things
And kept out of sight
But other girls were never quite
Like this, da-da-n'da-da'n'da.

My relationship with Dar is the best I have had in SL, she has been with me through a difficult time and good times. There was a time where I was single and dating heavily but did not have any deep, committed, relationships, and I really see I have missed out.

So thats why Dar & I now have a song. This is that song, and I am grateful for Lennon & McCartney to put in such good words the way I feel.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I need your votes

My creative partner Dancoyote Antonelli aka DC Spensley is a finalist in a second life contest for his exhibit "Full Immersion Hyperformalism" which I blogged about here:

As I was instrumental in this build, a vote for him is a vote for me. So please head on over to:

and in the lower left corner click on "Vote Here for your favorite winner" and please vote for DC Spensely: "Hyperformalism"

Thank you. :)

P.S. Spread the word if you are able. Thank you again.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Portraiture by Becky Book

Becky probably knows me better than anyone else on the grid, and is the only person I have dated in both worlds. She has begun a career in Avatar Photography, when she was learning, she practiced on me and the result has been in my profile for a few months. Well she has much improved since then, and wanted me to sit again, both for my new hair and her improved skills. These are the results.

ZenMondo in the uniform of the Library Militant.
A casual pose in Victorian Clothes.

Don't fire till you can see the green of my eyes!

A nice collage with the Caledon colours in the background

Patrolling the woods in my duties as Library Militant, ready to give scripting assistance or a book to any I may find there.

Here we see Colour Sgt. Wormser (ret.) Taking out his uniform for parade purposes.

I bet you didn't know that before I came to Caledon, I was a super hero!

Have I mentioned I am crazy for my Lady Love, Lavendar?

Friday, August 31, 2007

Enter the Bibliomancer: A new career for the CodePoet

ZenMondo Wormser of the Library Militant
Photograph by Lady Lavendar Beumont

I try to make it known that I am willing to serve my nation in whatever means possible. Usually this involves me employing my trade as a CodePoet, providing codepoetry for various things around Caledon. If it benefits Caledon, my services have been gratis. It was in this spirit, that JJ Drinkwater approached me with work for the library.

He seemed to be pleased with my work, and offered me a continuing relationship with the Caledon Library by inducting me into the Library Militant. In so doing I have taken my vows of Literacy, Obstinance and Bibliomancy, and received the livery (see photo, above). I will receive my Orders at a later time. My responsibilities will primarily being supporting my current work, taking on more work as needed or consulting on any scripting work that needs to be done. I am happy to do it and my heart soars to serve my community this way.

At the urgings of Mr. Drinkwater, my work for the Caledon Library will all be released open source under a Creative Commons license. I needed a little urging in this direction, as my work is valuable for the most part, and this will prevent me from reselling it to other libraries and interested parties. But Mr. Drinkwater convinced me that it was for the greater good to put GOOD code out there for others to learn from and use. Once the scripts are deployed in the library, I will be posting them to various wikis and the scripting library forum. For doing this, JJ as styled me as an Information Hero, but really I am just doing what I feel is the right thing.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Steam Links!

I am not one for often posting links but this is just too cool to turn up. Its a Steam-Powered Bionic Arm

I know you are saying big deal, I have seen these on Edward Pearse and Qlippothic Projects, but wait, this is in that big blue sim called REAL LIFE.

Goldfarb’s power source is about the size of a pencil and contains a special catalyst that causes hydrogen peroxide to burn. When this compound burns, it produces pure steam. The steam is used to open and close a series of valves. The valves are connected to the spring-loaded joints of the prosthesis by belts made of a special monofilament used in appliance handles and aircraft parts. A small sealed canister of hydrogen peroxide that easily fits in the upper arm can provide enough energy to power the device for 18 hours of normal activity.

A 21st century application of the most Caledonian Power sources, Steam.

And since I am linking today, the inspiration for the new bartender I have in Steam Sonnet, (behind ZenMondo's CodePoetry & Steamworks in SteamSkyCity) a steam powered Astromech droid.

I present R2-S2 by Crabfu.

And speaking of Steam Engines...

Did you know Jay Leno is a SteamPunk?

Jay Leno's 1870 Staitionary Engine (part 2 where its built and working and turned on )

Jay Leno's Stanley Steamer (Automobile as god & queen intended, powered by steam!)

Thats not all the steam-powered things at Jay Leno's garage but those are my favorites. I am not what could be described as mechanically inclined, but for some reason I love that site.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

An island of Caledon in a Hyperformalist Sea

Long ago, before I even heard of Caledon, I lived with a small community of artists in a small Irish village named Grainne O'Malley. It was rent free, the only condition was to create art. I soon settled in as the resident CodePoet, providing scripts for the other artists in residence. This was the first time I started having a steady income from scripting in Second Life, and I started learning a lot. Then I met Dancoyote Antonelli, who had a small gallery in Granny, and needed some scripting to be done. A simple teleport system for his Museum in uvvy, (the first of many I think), and something to hand out a landmark and notecard. Simple stuff, I didn't charge him much, but he insisted on writing up a contract and naming our partnership ZenCoyote Ltd. At the time I had done everything by handshake deal, and this felt kind of weird to me, but I did it. Little did I know that these small jobs (which lead to my first build, a scripted 2 prim pop up invitation) was really an audition to see if we would work well together. Best I can reconstruct that was May of 2006. Here we are a year and a quarter later, and our partnership is still going strong. I don't even know how many scripts I have provided for Dancoyote's artwork, and I don't feel like counting. But they have been numerous and varied.

DC has just opened an exhibit called “Full Immersion Hyperformalism” in the sim of Arts and Letters, filling the entire sim with his artwork.

A brief word about Hyperformalism. I have been living with it, helping DC realize it in my own small way (I am not the artist, just a tool like a brush, or as DC has called me his "sixth finger") I have my own understanding of it, and I probably get it more than most, but if I try to explain I am sure to get something wrong, so I will quote the artist himself on the topic:

"Hyperformalism is formalist abstraction in hyper medium. By turning off rendering of facsimiles of real life, an eerie surreal space for viewing art is created where things no longer conform to the field of view of your avatar and where scale and context are no longer measured against the arbitrary figurative standard. "

In short, the Art that DC exists for the most part could not exist in the real world. Coming to Arts and Letters, you will see nothing that is not hyperformalist -- nothing familiar to the real world -- except, off to one side, a small Victorian cottage.

Dancoyote has decided to honor me and my contribution with a small space that represents me.
It was his idea to populate a small Victorian Cottage with little things and doo-dads to represent Zen, the CodePoet. He knows I strongly identify as Caledonian, so a small Caledonian island in a sea of hyperformalism is the Zen Exhibit. Which can be found at:

It is a small space that says "me" So its a house by Coyote Momiji, Furniture by Desmond Shang, and little trinkets of mine scattered about of my creations. Such as a Quizaphone (Build by Alfonso Avalanche), A portrait of Ada Lovelace that says a poem when you touch it, A clockwork heart, an Omnilocator Device and an Apple II (all built by Drystan Knight), My Cheshire Cat (built by RyanRabbat Bunyin), and my Music Box (built by ME(!)).

But do come and see the rest of the show as well, there are little pieces of my soul throughout the sim. DC says there are about 4000 scripts running and I figure about 99% of them are mine in his artwork.

All of the stuff I must stress is DC's vision and work. I just write the scripts, I have no say in how he uses them. :) In fact I am often suprised to see my little creations used the way he does. Its a true synergistic relationship, I could not do what he does with my scripts and he could not not do them without my scripts in them. One of the things there though is an item I worked very hard on. The ZenCoyote Pixel Board.

This was actually built mostly by me. Its 200 prims, and 100 scripts are needed to make it work. I hope you will come play and draw on it. I did a lot of work on it, but the vision was DC's. With the pixel board I was realizing the artist's vision. DC has named it a social expression appliance. Basicaly you can draw little pixelated drawings on the small control board which are then seen on the large Display board.

There are many wonders to behold here, I am happy to have done my small part, and that DC has seen fit to honor me so with a small space in his exhibit.

Monday, August 6, 2007

In Honor of Dame Lapin

Tonight, I was present at the ceremony where our Vicereine Knighted Lapin Paris to honor all her hard hard work for Relay for life. An accolade well earned. I did not know what a proper present for a new Knight is, well I expect she got lots of swords, so I gave her what I could, a poem.

The Star walks amoung us
and our lives are brighter
just beacuse she is here.

Her footsteps are a dance
her voice a song
every movement a poem

She is a treasure of the realm
though she does not know her worth
she makes us all richer, just knowing her.

To Dame Lapin Paris on the occasion of her Knighting
From ZenMondo Wormser August 6, 2007

Friday, August 3, 2007

A muse revealed

These are all for my Lady Love, Lavendar Beaumont.

A Bold Move
A Bold Move
From a timid one
lead to an adventure
a new path set upon
may the journey inspire me.


Dances on Beaches
and conversations by moonlight
The Tune we dance to
is the beating of our hearts.


Sitting on the carousel
I feel dizzy
The spinning I feel in my head
tis not the turning of ride
but the company I keep.


Her Eyes Capture me
with her gaze
my heart is in a cage
of her visual embrace.


I have a hunger
not for food
for her touch


I carry her smile with me
It is a treasure
held in no box
but in my heart.


Her Voice Calls to Me
Across the distance
yet she is right here
in my arms.


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Poetry Dump (Not Code)

The CodePoet takes a departure from regular blogging to share with you some poetry.

A Poem for and Unnamed Lady
Long stood I, outside the gates
Until I found the Key to win my entrance.

A key built of patience, wisdom, charm, and cunning,
to open a lock of beauty, intelligence, talent, and grace.

The lands beyond the gates, I have yet to explore,
finding treasures beyond measure at the threshold.

I am sure more quests lay ahead of this knight errant
and I look forward to the challenges -- and the rewards.

Her Beauty Sings To Me
Her Beauty sings to me,
not beauty of form, which she has,
but the beauty of her soul.

The Melody of her heartbeat
calls to me, like a waking dream,
I can't help but dance to the music.

A Prayer to Lady Ada
Lady Ada,
Look down upon this humble coder,
Guide me with your unerring logic.

Lady Ada,
Inspire me with your genius,
may I code a thing of beauty.

Lady Ada,
You set the path before me,
may I follow it for the rest of my days.

Her Strength
She would hide her strength,
if she only knew she had it.

Instead she wears it,
oblivious to how strong she is.

Not just strength,
but the grace to carry it.

She stands, not above us
but with us, inspiring all those around her.

She sustains us with her example,
and we hold her up, allowing her to lean on us.

Her strength is her friends,
she draws from them as they give willingly,
as she gives back so much in return.

Under the Cat's Paw
I find myself
under the cat's paw
is she playing with me?
or will I feel the claw?

What is this game I play?
why do I dare?
Surely its attention,
but is it care?

So I find myself
a plaything for a time
I can't help but notice
her licking her lips at the dinner chime.

Potential II
The key is turned
the spring is wound
energies held in potential
a simple clasp waiting to be released
will you open the lid
and hear the music play?

Dark's Veil
She clothes herself in darkness
trying to hide the brilliance of her soul.
A veil she presents to the world
she only pulls it back
for those that have already guessed her nature.

Fictional Hearts
Damn our fictional hearts
and the feelings they pretend to produce
our minds of fantasy driving us
to play out our story
in a land that does not exist
yet is all too real.

Miles Travled
Miles Traveled,
Wonders seen,
an experience shared,

The distance between two hearts,
you are beauty in my eyes
your friendship, the greatest wonder of all.

A Friend
I hold a tune in my head
I hold a song in my heart
A verse plays across my hands
I have a poem for a friend.

A Feather from an Angel's Wing
A feather from an angel's wing
is not easy to come by, so they say.
Either it is willfully given
or it is forcibly taken
both events are one of rarity.
I am not saying how I got mine
but there is a third way,
for how do the angels grow them?

My Muses are many, and if they want to out themselves, they may, but the poet for now will keep it to himself, but don't let that stop you from guessing.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Themed Plus and Where the CodePoet talks of his origins as a Caledonian

There has been much worry in my head about whether or not Caledon is a Themed experience or a Role-Playing experience. While sitting at the Anvil in Tam, Miss Karin McElroy came up with the perfect description for Caledon and I for one will be using until such time a better descriptor comes along: "Themed Plus".

I think it perfectly describes Caledon, with its STRONG theme and its LIGHT role play (with the occasional bout of Heavy Role Play -- though always in a temporary manner).

Which leads me to what was preceding the birth of this phrase. That is the fleshing out of back stories for our "characters". This is something I will not be doing. Firstly I am more interested in my forestory. Where I am going, the stuff yet to be written, and enjoying the present moment in Caledon. The second is that I don't really have a character. I am just Zen. A Zen that has grown as one with a bit more politesse with his time in Caledon, but essentially still Zen the Code Poet.

How did I come to Caledon? Well I knew a bit about it from knowing Puck Goodlife during my time on the mainland, him being the best friend of my first serious SL girlfriend. So I knew a teeny bit about it. A couple girlfriends later, we were looking for a place to explore, and the name Caledon floated into my head. I had ONE suit (the morning suit I wore to the Haiku Duel) that would work, so I dressed up, and promptly landed in Caledon II.

We looked around from the hub and fell in love with the charm of the place. We noticed the giant chessboard, and decided to play a game. I won in about 7 moves. We hung around the chessboard and someone came up to us (I think another tourist) and asked how the game was going. I pointed out that it was in Checkmate, and then told him that I had lost. Then, a few minutes later I met my first Caledonian in his native habitat. Mr. Bastillion Bachman. He came offering a prize for the winner of the chess game, my lady friend would not let me lie again, and told him that I had won, where then Mr. Bachman gave me a hat. Which I still have to this day. He also gave my lady friend a gift as well for a game well played.

Bastillion was so kind and polite, it was truly unlike any experience I had previously had on the grid. He was so warm and inviting, and gave me several notecards about Caledon. Told me some places that were good to explore in the then 8 sims and we were on our way.

This was during a brief time where I was homeless, so I ended up logging out there in Caledon near Bastillion's shoppe.

I logged in the next day, still happy to be in Caledon, and it was there I met my second native Caledonian, Lady Amber Palowakski. She was offering discounted Tarot readings in celebration of Samhain, and I took her up on the offer. For those that do not know, Lady Amber has a gift with the cards. She gave me the best reading I had ever had up to that point. She also gave me the gift of a walking stick to go with my morning suit and hat.

I was smitten. I was in love. No, not with Lady Amber, with Caledon. I made it clear that I was, and as fortune would have have it, Lady Amber was wanting to divest herself of some Land in Caledon On Sea. Why she thought I would be a good recipient of the estate after only just meeting me, I think it must have been that 6th sense of hers. Well in a few days time, we arranged the transfer and I was landed gentry. A Caledonian. I had found a home.

So that's my story. Not much adventure, not much grandeur, but its mine, and its the truth.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm retired

I for one am now glad to retire my commission in the Caledon Militia. Putting my brief military career behind me, I also hope to put to bed the hurt feelings my service has caused in me and in others. It is my hope, that conflict will never again come to Caledon's shore. Oh I am sure I will dust off the uniform for the occasional parade or machina or what have you, and if the call ever goes out I probably will answer and be reactivated.

But for now, I would like to think my fighting days are behind me.

If I may step through this wall separating us for a moment, I do hope we have learned our lessons for RP events in Caledon. Despite all the urgings that it is "only a game" the emotions stirred can be o too real. Anything that pits Caledonian against Caledonian, be they a secret police force, a werewolf, or a red or blue member will be divisive. Even the silliest of pretenses seem to gain a foothold in our hearts. Not that Caledon needs to be a place where we all agree and always get along (well no, I take that back, we SHOULD always get along, even when we disagree) marching in step.. no. I know what it is we should do.


Caledon is an ideal, lets come together again and start living that ideal once more.


Colour Sgt. ZenMondo Wormser (ret.)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Calmer words

I blogged mad last night. I am mad so rarely that when I am so, I seem to revel in it for a time. I am doing my best to calm down now, but I should make some things clear.

First, I do not hold the referees accountable for the disaster in any way.
They did the best job they could given the circumstances. They did there best to try to assure fair play, which brings me to point two

Secondly, I have an overdeveloped sense for fair play, like that of a child.
I know that the world is not a fair place. I know that unfair things happen all the time. In most circumstances I do not expect things to be fair. But in a game, in a competition, I expect fairness, and its directly tied to my ability to enjoy the game. To have had things so skewed last night robbed me of the opportunity to enjoy the play. Even if I am to accept that it was third party griefers that was doing the pushing and caging, (and I now recant the last post finding out that both sides were griefed) there was still unsporting behavior on the Blue Side. As it has been pointed out this was a GAME, but I expect games to be fair. If I play battleship, I expect my opponent to put all his ships on the board, not hide the two hit PT boat in his pocket to make a situation that cannot be won. In short there are situations where fairness can be expected and when my expectations are not met, I get very angry like a petulant little child.

Which brings me to my third point, When it was clear that the conflagration was a disaster, it should have been called "on account of rain [griefing and lag]" fixed and rescheduled or just given up, instead Mordecai Scaggs touted his "victory". We (red team) didn't have the whole story at the time, and while I understand the desire to wrap it up and put it behind us, Scaggs was unwise in his manner and words in doing so. Where Scaggs could have been gracious, he chose to be pompous. As to the players that were in our camp early, I have since learned that they were not in the group to receive the orders to return to starting positions, not their fault, I give them full pardon, but do believe it was the oversight of their leader, again Mr. Scaggs who should have seen that they were added to the proper groups, or at least inform them that they needed to be. Scaggs still took the points of the unfairly captured flag to count towards his "victory".

I am not mad at the Blue Team as a whole. I am not mad at the referees. I am mad that something I had been looking forward to for a week was robbed of any enjoyment. Like I said it is rare that I get my Irish up, and I thought writing this would help put it behind me. But the feelings still linger.

Of the three major RP events in Caledon, there have been hurt feelings every time. I don't think conflict-oriented RP is a good idea in Caledon, and we should just quit. Although its hard to ignore that in all three instances there was something in common in the middle of the conflict, I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to find this common thread, though I have given enough clues in this post to make it most obvious.

Conflagration In Caledon

I'd like to write this in character, but I do not have it in me tonight. We were to put to bed tonight all the war and fighting of the militia, in a week long event of RP and skirmishes, to be decided in a grand game of capture the flag.

It was to be a battle with agreed upon rules and weapons, though such things were thrown out the window.

Firstly The Blue team started prematurely and those on the blue team disregarded any orders to return to starting position, so the result of this is that the blue team had kills and had players in the red camp BEFORE the game even started, and succeeding in capturing our flag seconds into the game.

Secondly the Blue team rezzed several decoy flags, and when those were removed, the remaining flag was not capturable by the red team, the first is unsporting, the second another "bug" in favor of the blue team.

Thirdly Blue Team seemed to use illegal push weapons, and several players on both teams were orbited. I even had report of Blue Leader Mordecai Scaggs orbiting Red Leader Edward Pearse. The pushing got so bad, that Red Team retired from the field, for they could not KEEP TO the field, so really what was the point?

There were also reports of caging, apparently only Red Team Members were caged.

There are unfounded rumors that there were three griefers on the field, wrecking havoc. No one on the red team spotted anyone on the field that did not belong. Supposedly the Red Cross has three names, but they have not been made available to me.

So we ended the RP at the Anvil, and Scaggs had the gall to say "[0:11] Mordecai Scaggs: It matters not who won or lost - though we did win - but that we fought, everyone of us, hard and fair"

This was NOT a fair fight by any means. Even if the Blue Team did not cheat all the events that lead to fiasco, all the grievous situations favored the blue team, I used to believe in coincidence, but this is a hard one to swallow.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

WHEN is Caledon?

I have been germinating on this post for a longish while, and I hope that it has ripened enough that I can finally put it down.

The use of dates always seems troubling in Caledon. The introduction in our Covenant states, "Caledon is a 19th century Steampunk Victorian nation-state!" So that is the clue right there. 19th Century. Victorian. Well Hmm. The Victorian Era took place from 1837 - 1901, dipping its toe in the the waters of the 20th century. To convert the real date to a Victorian one is not simple math. If we subtract 100 years, we are in the Edwardian Era, 200 years and we are way off. 150 years? Puts us 20 years in the Reign of Victoria, but introduces a lot of anachronisms. Caledon as it exists is a pastiche of the entire Victorian Era, with some bleed over from the Regency as well as Edwardian Eras, with a good sprinkling of a past that never was (but don't we sometimes wish was?). In this humble CodePoet's opinion this is a good thing.

When I first came to Caledon, I soon learned that what we had here was not the Victorian Era as it was, but perhaps, as it SHOULD have been. Many of the attributes of the Victorian era are absent. The misogyny, the bigotry, oppressive colonialism (our version of colonialism is fun!), and lets face it, the sexual repression are all absent in Caledon. Also absent is the Servant Class (except for those that choose it). We have something different, we have taken the best parts of Victorian culture (such as civility -- well everything else derives from THAT doesn't it?) and created something NEW. I hesitate to use to use the term Neo-Victorian, as it has a definition already and it is is not Caledon. Truly, the best word to describe it is CALEDONIAN.

So still, the question remains : when is Caledon? I say Caledon is firmly rooted in the 21st century. It is for all intents and purposes 2007. How I see it, is that Caledon exist in the 21st Century, but the citizens choose to live in such a way that HEARKENS back to the reign of Victoria, but through a 21st century lens, improving on the original. Using the technology of the 21st Century (namely our computers, and Second Life itself) to create this nation, collectivly and create what is a most ENJOYABLE Victorian, Steampunk existance. We use the tools of today to live in an idealized version of the past.

We are able to live out our Caledonian lives however we see fit, yet we restrain ourselves to the mode of the period because it appeals to us (I am sure the actual vicotrians would have raved late at night had it only been invented yet). I like the things best that blend 21st century technology with a Victorian experience. How they would have done it if they only could!

The example that springs to my mind, is the Dance Card system we have used at balls in Carntaigh (though admittedly not all have enjoyed it). There was given to me the task of realizing the very Victorian practice of a dance card, but making it work in Second Life, which I did with a scripted object. A Victorian Experience, realized with 21st Century Technology. Straddling Two Centuries, being in both at once. That is Caledon to me.

But in truth, Caledon has no Queen, though Victoria is enshrined in our hearts, perhaps like Aurthur just sleeping somewhere, and will return to us in our time of need (in the meantime we have a Vicereine to perform the duties of a monarch), and we have created such things as a "working class aristocracy" (which I think I belong to). Being free from our labors, except those we choose to pursue for our own enjoyment, there is no need for oppression. We are all pursuing our dreams, living our (second) lives in an ideal, Victorian Steampunk setting. There is nothing like it (to my knowledge) anywhere else. I love being a 19th. Century Gentleman in 21st Century Caledon.

Monday, July 9, 2007

I am inflamed beyond the power of modesty!

In Caledon we take the best of Victorian society and make it our own. We really are an amalgam of the best of both 19th and 21st Century attributes. Though its always nice to bring 21st century tools and experiences and give them a 19th century flavor.

So I wonder how this would carry over to love making (tut tut, now we are all adults and surely it happens in Caledon, though its not too polite to mention such things -- pardon me gentlefolk for my frankness and boldness) but really just WHAT would a Victorian cry out in passion?

Well if you get stuck you can go ye unto the Victorian Sex Cry Generator.

"Oh! such rare and exquisite provocatives!"

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Its Official.

Though most of my dealings, a handshake deal is enough, in the welfare of Miss Tempyst Lane, I wanted things to be a bit more official and binding. So I sought the services of Caledon's Jurist, Miss Bryndal Ellison to draw up the appropriate documents, submitted for you here as a matter of public record.

The text reads:


File No. 1023

In re Adoption of Tempyst Lane, A Minor Doll.


And now, July 1, 2007, the court being satisfied that the statements made in the annexed petition are true, and that the welfare of Tempyst Lane will be promoted by her adoption, and that all the requirements of the Caledonian Adoption Act of 2007, having been complied with, and it appearing:

THAT the petitioner herein, Sir Zendmondo Wormser, is a person of respectability and character, fully willing and able to maintain, educate, and rear the said Tempyst Lane.

The Court hereby decrees that the said Tempyst Lane shall be in law the adopted child of Sir Zendmondo Wormser and shall have all the rights of a child and heir of said petitioner, and be subject to the duties of such child, and is hereinafter named and known as Lady Tempyst Lane Wormser.


I, Bryndal M. Ellison, officer of the Caledonian Court and Counselor of Law, do certify that the above and forgoing is a true, correct and entire copy of the Decree of Court, re: Adoption of Lady Tempyst Lane Wormser, a minor doll, file number 1023;

so full and entire as the same remains of record and on file in said office. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand affixed the seal of said Office, this 1st day of July A.D. two thousand and seven.

Bryndal M. Ellison, Esq.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

An Introduction and the Care & Feeding of Dollkind

I was relaxing in FreeFlow, my estate in Caledon on Sea as I am oft to do, when someone wandered up to me. This is not an unusual occurrence, and most of the time I look forward to it. Most folk in Caledon are polite and kind.

What I found before me was a young clockwork creation, dressed in black & white, key turning in her back. She had the appearance of a young teenage girl, and acts in that manner, but she was not yet a day old, it being her rez day. She was very polite, almost unsure about being on my estate -- not seeming to realize that parcels in Caledon are privately held, but I assured her she was welcome.

She told me she was hoping to find a girl that would love her and play with her. She seemed so sweet and innocent. I decided to make a gift to her for her rez day something no clockwork creation should be without. I gave her a heart.

I have been chastised before about giving this particular gift too lightly. A friend told me recently just what it means to constuct.

" ... in many construct's minds, in mine when I'm the doll, the gift of a clockwork heart is more important than token, it is life and love and offering and power source It's someone telling us, I know you need this, I know you do not have one of your own, let me give this to you, imbued with some of myself to power the gears Or seen another way, let me be the guiding force in your life, the instrument that keeps breath you may or may not need moving through lungs, to keep life humming under your skin, to provide that spark of soul and power ."

I still don't know what moved me to make this gift... I felt an instant connection with her, and well I just sensed she needed it.

It wasn't long after that that my Lady Love Dar arrived in FreeFlow and met her as well. Again the doll told her of her desire to find someone to love and play with her. Dar often says she is 6, at heart and I half wondered if Dar was not the one she may be looking for. But soon she wanted to explore more of Caledon, we gave her directions to the neighboring sims, and before she left I offered her friendship, which she accepted saying I was her first friend, and with that she said good-bye.

But this doll wouldn't leave my mind... later that night, cuddling on Dar's carousel in Kittiwickshire, Dar suggested that I adopt her. I hadn't really considered it, not knowing if I was up to it or if she would even desire a male guardian. Left me with something to consider.

So I slept on it. However on the next day I heard reports she was doing well, exploring Kittiwickshire, however she had an incident where she was abused, apparently for simply being a doll. She was an innocent alone in the world, and so I offered to be her guardian, and she accepted. So now it is my happy duty to introduce to society, my Ward, Miss Tempyst Lane.

Miss Tempyst Lane, and her Guardian ZenMondo Wormser

Little Miss, as I call her is on a journey of self-discovery as to what it means to be a Doll in this world, and in Caledon in particular, and I hope to be a help along
the way. Together we hope to find that girl that will love her and play with her, if she is out there somewhere. But for now fate has brought us together.

Sir Zen Offers his Guardianship to Tempyst as Lady Lavendar Beumont looks on
(photo by Lavenar Beumont)

Sir Zen shows his new ward her new home, FreeFlow
(photo by Lavendar Beaumont)

This will take some adujustment on my part. FreeFlow isn't really set up but to be the residence of one person. I am not even sure of the needs a doll will have. I guess we will see how FreeFlow evolves. There is much I do not know, and already have had help from those Caledonians that we have encountered together, with advice that wouldn't even occur to me. So in some ways I do think it will take a village. I hope Caledon will help me in welcoming her to our fine society.

Friday, June 29, 2007

An Apology

An apology has been received, and forgiveness given, by others and by me. There will be no shunning from the Code Poet.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Adventures in the Wasteland

So last night found me in esteemed company. I hate to drop names, so I will just use his title "Guvnah". Getting a bit behind the scenes looks of things, which I just love, as director's commentary is my favorite feature on DVDs. Well in the wee hours of the morning I meet a friend of the Guvnah's and he has created a collection of sims that is and I quote "Caledon in 3000 years from now".

So our intrepid party comprising of Myself, Miss Carricre Wind, the Guvnah, and our guide and host Mr. NeoBokrug Elytis, were off the wastelands. We explored The Wastelands, followed by The Great Fissure, which will have to be seen to be believed. And by myself, after Miss Wind and the Guvnah succumbed to some strange state called "sleep" (alien to us CodePoets) I was taken to The Junkyard, where I saw in 3000 years hence the rememberance of our great Nation.

It wondered if this was the site of "Caledon's Last Stand" but my host Mr. Elytis said it was just something someone found and placed in the junk pile. Mayahps our proud nation or the symbols that have survived 3000 years hence will inspire some civility in the savages that inhabit The Wasteland.

Here I am seen in The Junkyard with native to The Wastelands Mr. Gutterblood Spoonhammer who was very fond of saying "I will eat joo", Myself, the time displaced envoy from Caledon, and my host, Mr. Mr. NeoBokrug Elytis.

If you would like to see the remnant of Caledon yourself, use this handy slurl:

secondlife://The Junkyard/134/186/73

As much as I enjoyed my time in The Wastelands it was nice to return to my Estate FreeFlow, in Caledon on Sea, to see my beloved nation whole and intact.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Plans are afoot

So not too long ago, I acquired a second parcel in Steam Sky City... to be honest, I needed the prims, for ZenMondo's CodePoetry & SteamWorks, but I don't want to leave the space lay fallow either, so I had to think of a low-prim use for the property.

I named the new place "Steam Sonnet" not knowing what to do with it... but I had a germ of an idea.

That idea has since grown and budded, and I have trimmed away the branches and am left with one vision.

Not to give too much away, but it will involve art, and poetry.

My lady love, Lady Lavendar Beaumont has found herself in a position as a kind of art agent. So I enlisted her help to try to acquire the services of an artist to help fulfill my vision. I have hired Miss Sieben Ochs for two pieces to see how we work together. The CodePoet is hopeful, ever hopeful....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Rez Day Mr. Drinkwater -- (AND It's not a DUEL)

Yesterday was the rez day party for Caledon's beloved librarian, Mr. JJ Drinkwater. It was held on a lovely platform floating above Primverness. It was wonderful of Her Grace, CoyoteAngel Dimsum to host us in her duchy.

I gave Mr. Drinkwater two presents last night. The first was a Quizaphone, with a newly written HG Wells quiz (Now Playable at my shoppe in SteamSkyCity). The second was the fulfillment of a request. Who am I to deny the rezday boy?

As Mr. Drinkwater prepared for his Haiku Duel, I as his second would have sparring sessions with him. Alas, I do not have the transcripts to the sparring session. After his duel we often talked about doing an exhibition match. Well last night was our exhibition. And now writing the word, do I realize how appropriate "exhibition" was. For we did not stand apart at 10 paces hurling 5-7-5's at each other, the encounter was more intimate than that. It was the variation on the Duchess Sandwich, the Duchess Manwich, first seen at Her Grace, Eva Bellambi's rezday party.

Mr. Wormser, Her Grace Gabrielle Reil, Rezday boy JJ Drinkwater
photograph by Lady Lavendar Beumont

Here we see that the center of the manwich and the inspiration for the night's poetry was Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel. Unlike our sparring session, I have this time saved the Haiku Exhibition. Mr. Drinkwater went first, followed by yours truly.

Good Sir ZenMondo/I think it now behooves us/ to Oblige Her Grace?

To oblige her grace / no greater honor is this / to serve great beauty.

to serve great beauty/ one poet tries with his skill/ *two* must use teamwork

Two must use teamwork / a bond not to be broken / Three is much stronger

Three *is* much stronger/ a number famed in magic/ three wishes, three fates....

Three Wishes, Three Fates / three dancers are intertwined / Grace is apparent.

Grace is apparent/ if Grace turns away from one/ the next will catch her

The next will catch her / If one is falling in love / never hit bottom

never hit bottom/ when Beauty's held by we who/ pass Grace hand to hand

Pass Grace hand to hand / whispers will pass heart to heart / sharing the beauty.

Sharing the beauty/ to have a fellow who knows/ my meter, is joy

"My Meter is Joy" / I think Drinkwater's Bragging / there is more than size.

there is more than size/ when as well as height and breadth/ we measure in rhyme

we measure in rhyme / passion surely is no crime /while dancing in time

while dancing in time/ we find, too, that there is space/ for this energy

for this energy / propelling us to the sky /more than potential

If this seems a bit on the short side for an exhibition, there is a reason. The Incident at JJ Drinkwater's Rez Day Party is one that will not be soon forgot, and I see no purpose in rehashing it now. All I will say on the manner is that one man's reputation is perhaps irreparably tarnished in Caledon, and an undeserved injury was given a lady.

Already there have been calls to meet the cad on a field of honor, but I think more appropriate response will not to call anymore attention to the shameful act, but merely to shun the vilain.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

My first press clippings

I have often joked about wanting to be famous. Well I say its a joke, but its a true desire. Only I want to be known for GOOD THINGS, I don't want to be famous for breaking hearts or doing something dishonorable or unseemly.

Imagine my delight when my photo appeared on pg. 25 of the Metaverse Messanger:

Alas, this was when I had my old slouchy AO, not my new fine "Gentleman Jim" AO (which dear readers, I highly recommend). Alas though my visage is seen, my name is absent from the article, as I am referred to as the anonymous "Mr. Drinkwater's second".

Yet, my name was mentioned in the New World Notes!

Mayhaps fame will be mine after all....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A quiet moment in Kitiwickshire, contemplation and a proposition

Here I am cuddling with Lady Lavendar Beaumont, something I am in the the habit of doing of late. It was while I was cuddling with her, one evening in Kittiwickshire, that she told me of the party she is having to raise money for RFL. She told me it was going to be themed after the musical, South Pacific, and asked if I was familiar with it. "I played Lt. Buzz Adams in a production in High School, " was my response, "So a party is a grand idea, but how to raise money?" "Funny you should ask, " said my Dar, "We are going to have a Beefcake auction."

"Oh, " said I, "think I can participate anyway?"

"Of course I was going to ask you..." and so on.

So now I have to think of a date. I think I have a good idea...

To the lucky winner, I will conduct a whimsical tour of some examples of codepoetry scattered around the grid, to be followed by dancing by moonlight on a secluded beach, (even if we have to force midnight to do it) while I compose poetry of the non-code variety for my date, and will script a picture of her choice to read the poem of her choice.

Also at a later date I will arrange for a seat in the audience for a Zero-G Skydance, a Hyperformalist performance conceived by Dancoyote Antonelli, who I have collaborated for about a year now, and provide the codepoetry used in the performance.

I will also make a gift of a clockwork heart.

I hope that will do nicely.

The auction will be held on the 22nd of June, look soon to the hubs for info.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Beastly Rumours

It would appear some creature is stalking about Kittiwickshire. I did glance him, hopping in the distance this day past, and he does seem most lupine in appearance. His presence seems to be upsetting some of the fairer folk in Caledon, as hushed whispers come to me ears, "werewolf!".

The poor chap was being chased (though ineptly) through the woods of Kittiwickshire, and really I do not know why.

In Caledon we have been welcoming to all our visitors, be they human, furry, neko, fae, dragons, tinies, or whatever form they take. Surely we can be just as welcoming to a Lycanthrope, I mean if he is civilized and not going around biting people spreading the curse and all...

Monday, June 4, 2007

A matter of honor in 17 syllables

This Wednesday past, a matter of honor was settled in Caledon Primverness between Mr. Erex Somme and Mr. JJ Drinkwater.

The slight happened at the rez day party of Miss Kate Nicholas, but alas like the others that have chronicled the events, the original slight has been forgotten, with the second slight being Mr. Drinkwater's first suggestion of weapons (Library of Congress headings at 20 paces) was disparaged by Mr. Somme as ungentlemanly. I was an eyewitness to these accounts and my testimony can be trusted.

Mr. Somme quickly found himself a second, and then I so volunteered to be the second for Mr. Drinkwater. As Second, much of the details were left in my capable but inexperienced hands.

Soon we found accord with the choice of weapons -- Haiku. My man was quite adamant that the weapon be something literary in nature. He suggested Limericks, but I thought it would be unfair, and Haiku would give Mr. Somme a sporting chance. Though also I had another reason to sway the parties involved towards haiku, for before I came to Caledon, I often sported in the arena of haiku and linked haiku. I could help my man prepare.

And so I did. At the surprise Rez Day Party for Her Grace, Eva Bellambi, Mr. Drinkwater and I had a sparring session. He began with a Haiku, that I then took the last line, making it the first in another. We were both inspired by the beauty that surrounded us (or was it Mr. Drinkwater & I surrounding a beauty? Check the blogosphere for more details!), and we had quite a good run of it. My hopes for victory soared, as I feared for Mr. Somme, hoping it would not be a slaughter. I was paid a high compliment by Mr. Drinkwater by him saying he was grateful that I was his second, and not his opponent!

Then the day of the duel arrived. Mr. Hotspur O'Toole and I inspected the dueling grounds to make sure neither man had an unfair advantage (apart from any advantages bestowed upon them by their creator), or to find any spare haiku hiding about.

Soon the crowd gathered, and I took some last minute bids for judgeships. We ended up with 5 Judges for the competition. They were:

Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel with a bid of L$4718,
Miss Carricre Wind with a bid of L$5000,
Mr. Erasmus Margulis with a bid of L$5000,
Miss Teofila Matova with a bid of L$10,000 and
Miss Bryndal Ellison, Esq. with a bid of L$10,000.

Yet this L$34,718 was just a drop in the bucket for all the generous donations by way of cheering the participants we raised over L$90,000 for Relay for life!

The Judges Panel was moderated by Miss Shylah Garmes of the Caledon Poet's Society.

So with everyone in their seats, the duelists facing one another, and the seconds standing behind (and to the left so as not to catch any stray shots) their men, the Duel was to begin.

Mr. Somme and Drinkwater face off.

I stand behind my man, Mr. JJ Drinkwater.

The duel was fought well by both parties. I will not give a play by play here, for the Haiku thrown will be collected in book form by Miss Shylah Garmes and sold, the proceeds going to Relay for life. But I will tell you that Mr. Somme did a smashing good job, but could not overcome the verse by my man JJ Drinkwater. Mr. Drinkwater won the duel with a 5-0 decision from the judges.

-=[Afterthoughts, where the author contemplates the duel and its implications ]=-

This whole experience was a great example of Caledon at its finest. The community really came together for a very good cause. Another page of history was written in our story, and it happened so organically. It came together in a short time, and we raised a lot of money for a good cause. The slight was was well, slight, a matter of no real consequence, but it made one heck of an excuse for a great event. And to duel with poetry -- it was inspired, a nice break from guns, swords, axes, watermelon cannons and lemming guns. Even when the haiku attacks got personal, it was obviously done in a manner that made it clear it was in jest, no real feelings were hurt. Mr. Somme & Drinkwater were above all Caledonian Gentlemen throughout the duel and the events leading up to it.

As Second, and contact for the judging bids, I got a taste of event planning. I did a bit with the national anthem contest, but with that I automated much of it. I had great fun writing the code to facilitate the National Anthem Contest, and it made my job a lot easier. This was however the first Caledonian event I was involved in that I did not contribute any codepoetry. Writing code is something I am pretty good at, and I am happy to contribute to Caledon using my most obvious talent, but it was nice to be involved as something other than a CodePoet for a change. I am not just a one trick pony, and it felt good to be able to contribute in a different manner.

Its very easy to slip into seeing someone as the label they have, especially in Caledon. But really everyone is more than an inventor, baroness, knight, duchess, shopkeeper, jurist, architect, or even Guvnah. We are all real and multifacted individuals. My resolution for June will be to see beyond the labels and find out the less obvious parts of my fellow Caledonians.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Ahoy me mateys, it be too late to alter course...

Last night was the Pirate Rave in Carntaigh. It was a very fun time, but where words fail to describe, a fine kino will do fine

A wonderful time was had by all, and ofcourse Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel did a great job spinning the pirate inspired tunage.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A late night encounter and musings on the same

The other night, I was up late as insomnia hit me, and who comes to FreeFlow, but the Vicereine herself. She was going to reset Caledon On Sea, as something was amiss, the texture cache I think.
Her Excelency, Her Lyonesse, Kamilah is so so nice. We actually sat and chatted for 40 minutes. It was probably wrong of me to keep her from her rounds, but I can't help myself. I do like to chat -- and charm. Yes, I am shameless I flirted with the Vicereine. One of these days, flirting with my betters is going to get me in trouble.

It was also the first time I flirted with a furry. I love that about Caledon, that everyone is accepted as who they are. Whether we be furry, or human, or neko or even mechanical, fey or other, we are still all Caledonians. Being in Caledon has really taught me that its not one's appearance but one's soul is that which shines through. I guess that can be a lesson in Second Life in general, but being in Caledon made it easier for me to learn. In Caledon we had a shared culture, something in common linking us, making any differences, well, trivial.

I think most people here are sincere in thier presentations of themselves. Our avatars capture us, some more than others, but we all get to live some form of idealized us. I beleive even those playing a "role" are actually just shining the light on a paticular facet of their true gem of personality. How someone presents in Second Life is good enough for me, regardless of what sits on the other side of the screen, the soul still shines through.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Social Happenings for the CodePoet

This friday past, was the Tournament for Life in Loch Avie. There were many events leading up to the Tournament, but I didn't seem to get past the kissing booth. I was quite surprised at my first kiss, as a lady said "I will pay L$200 to kiss Mr. Wormser!" I was not scheduled to work the booth, but it was for charity, so I straightened my posture, and agreed to the lady's request and bravely marched to the pose ball.

I also spent L$600 on kisses, going three rounds. Oh the sacrifices I am known to make for RFL Charities! Though my contribution wanes in comparison to the the L$40,000 kiss purchased by Mr. JJ Drinkwater! Even puts my bid at the renaisance rave for the Duchess Sandwich to shame. Three Cheers for Mr. Drinkwater!

The tournament itself was very interesting, the first cross-cultural event between Caledon & Gor. Caledon was represented by Mr. Hostpur O'Toole and much cheering was given him, alas, he did not win. Though the conditions of Lag and such it was a wonder anyone could fight at all!

-=[The Next Day]=-

The Next Day was the final ball of the Spring Season, and the second use of the Dance Card System. This was version 2.0 of the Dance Card as, 2.5 was not ready yet, but could have been useful. I am sure I will have some more suggestions for the Dance Card, and version 3 will be in making in the next few weeks.

Speaking of the Dance Cards I'd like to say publicly that I could not have done it without the assistance and guidance of Miss Virrginia Tombola. She is the one that taught me what Dance Cards were, and was there to bounce Ideas off of how to implement a system in Caledon. She also provided the texture we have been using on the Dance Card.

I probably would have said more at the dance, but the night before I forgot to sleep. Meanwhile in the real world, my user was shaking from exhaustion.

The dance itself was very pleasant, I danced with a total of 9 Ladies having missed the first dance due to lag and my partner crashing. I danced with some new ladies as well as some familiar partners. Sir Red Caliber did a fantastic job in his debut of DJing the event.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Opening a business

I have often said that I am not a merchant. I write Bespoke Codepoetry (custom scripting) I don't sell stuff. Often one will try to entice my services or lower my fee by entreating that I could resell thier project and make *. (where * can be "a mint" "lots of money" "a million linden dollars" etc.) When I suggest a license where THEY sell it, and give me a percentage, thier enthusiasm seems to diminish.

Well Then there was SteamSkyCity, and it got me to thinking about things steampunk. I always thought it would be nice to have a shoppe, and I started going through my inventory and trying to see what scripts I could put into steampunk inspired builds. I was inspired, and I got on the waiting list for SteamSkyCity, and started work. SteamSkyCity was delivered, and I opened my doors to ZenMondo's CodePoetry & Steamworks.

The Proud CodePoet in front of his shoppe

My first repackaging of a Script in a steampunk housing is the ZenMondo's Steam-Powered Clockwork Kinotoscope. The script is based on the TVs I scripted for Sun Microsystems, that you can see at thier pavilion. The Build is by the Talented Cornelia Rothschild, based on a sketch I gave her. She did a fantastic job realizing my vision. She wanted to do it first for trade for a script, but then she got what she needed elsewhere, and she would not think of charging me for the build! Well I showed her, I set up my vendor to pay her a comission with ever sale.

The SPCK is configurable by notecard and can hold 22 videos or streams. It sets up your media texture automaticaly. All controls are done with a menu you get simply by touching the SPCK.

The next invention to get the SteamPunk Treatment is ZenMondo's Clockwork Quizaphone. Again this is based on a script I was originaly hired by Sun Microsystems to write. They wanted a Java Quiz, and instead of hard-coding a quiz, I made a modular, configurable system. The upside is that I have a quiz system that is infinatly upgradable, able to conduct any quiz fed to it via notecard. I provide a small handful of quizzes to get one started as well as instructions on how to write your own. As more quizzes become available I will provide them in my shoppe free of charge. ALSO I will pay a L$100 bounty for any quiz submitted to be distributed with the Quizaphone.

The Build is by Professor Alfonso Avalanche. Based on a Wax Cylinder Gramaphone he had previously built, adding a microphone horn and a bell (which lead me to adding the ringing of a bell in the script!). The Professor also wanted to donate the build for free, but I convinced him to allow me to pay him a commission with every sale. (What is it with Caledonians and wanting to work for free?)

My third housing is an old script in a new steampunk housing. My "talking body part" attachment Becky's Heart has been transformed into a creation of brass and gears and is now Becky's Clockwork Heart. The original was a gift for my then Girlfreind, Becky Book. This was in my time B.C. (Before Caledon). Basicaly its a little menu driven emote system, letting ones "heart" speak for you. It also listens on a channel relaying what is said, allowing you to make the heart say whatever you want.

This build was made by the talented Drystan Knight (who also did all these signs). Becky as co-inventory gets a fifty percent comission, and Drystan gets a cut as well, and whats left over I keep.

This one doesn't need steampunk housing, as its an invisible product. You wear ZenMondo's No Touchy Parts, in lieu of the more intimate offerings by xcite et. al. If someone chooses to get fresh with you and click your person in a most untoward manner, they will be pushed away (in push enabled land) and a message, "No Touchy " will be said. Letting everyone know just what kind of cad they are.

Thats all the products I have downstairs. More will be on the way. I have a Cheshire cat in my shoppe, (invisible most of the time, but will appear for you if you come near) I am unsure if I will be selling him or not, I am letting him hang out in my shoppe to see if there is any interest, but I fear he is unnoticed by many. I need to make some kind of visible draw to bring people to that part of the shoppe I guess. More thought about it. I mean, why would anyone walk up to an apparantly empty crate?

So comes what I sell Upstairs.

Namely, Myself. Though the products seem fun and all, my real joy is writing Bespoke CodePoetry for people. Its my bread & butter. I always say the hardest part of programming is the ideas, and I am more than happy to bring other people's ideas to life. I have done small quick jobs, and jobs that have taken a month to realize, and everything in between. I am thinking the stuff I sell downstairs though good stuff, is really more of an advertisement for my scripting prowess. When it comes down to it, I am the real product.

So I am quickly running out of prims (I fear I have to get rid of my 23 prim winged leather chairs upstairs) but I hope to have more product in the upcoming weeks, including two "freebies" A Mailbox and a tip jar (steam-powered ofcourse), as well as my A-Life Goldfish, if I can find a good build to house them in (read lower prim).

I am not looking to become rich as a merchant, its just for fun, and a fun thing to do in a very fun space that is SteamSkyCity. If I make enough to cover rent I am happy, and even if I don't, I am content.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

How the National Anthem Contest Came to be

Mr. JJ Drinkwater requested this essay of me for inclusion with the Archives relating to the National Anthem Contest.

-=[How the National Anthem Contest Came to be]=-
By Sir ZenMondo Wormser, ORR

Sometimes I feel I will always see myself as a recent arrival to Caledon. I had accquired my estate in Caledon on Sea some months previous, and I decided that I wanted to be more active in Caledonian society -- I wanted to contribute.

I began to make known my intentions to those who seemed active in the community, and before long Her Grace of Loch Avie formed the Caledon Boosters.

I soon found myself providing CodePoetry for a variety of functions, I was contributing, and my love for my nation only grew.

As a patriotic fervor swept over me, I remembered that when Mr. Desmond Shang welcomed me to Caledon, I got a folder of things, and one of these things was a flag. I decided to plant it prominantly on my estate.

I planted the flag, and the love for my nation welled up inside of me, I wanted to sing -- only to realize that I had no words with which to express my patriotic pride.

At the next Caledon Booster Meeting I proposed that we would hold a contest to write and select a National Anthem. My proposal was met with much enthusiasm.

So I got to work, drafting the rules, and creating the Mechanisms to run the contest, both to collect submissions, and finally to vote.

I was proud to serve my nation in this small way facilitating not only the creation of our National Anthem, but of a Civic Anthem as well.

-- Sir ZenMondo Wormser, ORR

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Reconciliation Ball, and dastardly rumors

Note: I am raiding my 1st life Livejournal for content, this is one of those entries. ~ZMW

Last weekend there was a Reconcilliation Ball between Caledon and Neualtenburg, which was interrupted with dramatic effect.

See Exhibit A:

(You can spot me about 4 times. I am the handsome avatar with a blue ponytail wearing a kilt)

The Villian of the peice on Mr. Hotspur O'Toole has implicated me in the shenanigans. To quote from an Intercepted Dispatch:

Had a few words with the Duchesses-- they were threatening dire consequences to your humble servant. At this point I had to execute the malicious code worm for Carntaigh or that would have been the end of things right then and there. Again, as predicted, the code bomb did exactly as Agent Wurmser predicted. Estate controls crashed within seconds. Well worth the money you invested in the Code Poet's skills, sir!

Along with this spreading capricious rumors that I had a dealing with the bad guys, and they BOUGHT my services. So I have been forced to file the following affidavit:

In a recently intercepted dispatch from the Traitor O'Toole over the events
at the reconcilliation ball, to my horror I have found myself implicated in
a part of what happened that night.

To quote from the dispatch:

"Had a few words with the Duchesses-- they were threatening dire
consequences to your humble servant. At this point I had to execute the
malicious code worm for Carntaigh or that would have been the end of things
right then and there. Again, as predicted, the code bomb did exactly as
Agent Wurmser predicted. Estate controls crashed within seconds. Well worth
the money you invested in the Code Poet's skills, sir!"

First I must protest that I am not an member of any Agency, as O'Toole
doesn't even know how to spell my name correctly. But I must admit, with a
heavy heart that the codebomb is indeed my work.

I was approached by Col. O'Toole then in good standing with the Caledon
Militia, and a state of war existing between Caledon and Neualtenburg, with
no news of reconciliation on the horizon. The code bomb was to be used as a
weapon against Neualtenburg, and I was assured to be used only in the
direst of circumstances.

That it was used against Her Graces of Carntaigh and Loch Avie has caused me
to lose much sleep, seeing my creation used against those I am well known
to serve wholeheartedly.

As to the second accusation against my good name, I took no money in the
creation of this weapon. As I had thought I was serving my nation as a
patriot, I donated the code, as I do all Code Poetry for free. I did not
profit this in any way. Those of you who have used my services for the
betterment of Caledon know this about me.

As a pennance (though I fear it may be too late) I am trying to construct a
codeshelter that will will make future uses of the codebomb inefficient.
It may be an impossible task, because of the fine craftsmanship of the
original codebomb but I will at least put my sleepless nights to some use.


Colour Sgt. ZenMondo Wormser, CodePoet.

Hopefully these rumors will soon be put to rest.

About CodePoetry

-=[ About Code Poetry ]=-

A tenet of the Hacker Ethic is, "You can create art and beauty on a computer." This is abundantly clear in Second Life, but not so much when I was learning to program on very limited resources. The first computer I programmed on (at age 6!) was an Apple II+ with 48Kb of RAM, and a processor running at 1 Mhz. Even in High School, we were still in the land of 640k of RAM on PCs. It's true that even then you could create art and beauty on a computer, that others could appreciate, but the real art, the real beauty, could be the underlying code -- the CodePoetry.

Creating CodePoetry, is not simply programming, it is programming in a certain mindset, focusing on elegance, efficiency, and ingenuity. It is programming as an artistic pursuit, not as a technical science.

Though the writing of CodePoetry is an artistic pursuit, it is by no means extravagant or sloppy. It is based on certain rules (as all programs are) so the foundation must be extreme technical skill, once mastering the rules, one can learn to bend them, but never to the point of breaking (for if you break a rule, your program won't compile!).

I see writing CodePoetry as akin to playing improvisational jazz, or the architecture of someone like Frank Lloyd Wright, with a strong foundation of technical skill, going in an unexpected direction, and ariving at beauty.

If you chose to hire me for your project, you are not just hiring another scripter, I will approach your assignment with an artist's eye, and a poet's soul, and deliver you a thing of beauty.

All my scripts come with lifetime technical support, and I am not done until you are satisfied!

-- ZenMondo Wormser