Saturday, September 8, 2007

Portraiture by Becky Book

Becky probably knows me better than anyone else on the grid, and is the only person I have dated in both worlds. She has begun a career in Avatar Photography, when she was learning, she practiced on me and the result has been in my profile for a few months. Well she has much improved since then, and wanted me to sit again, both for my new hair and her improved skills. These are the results.

ZenMondo in the uniform of the Library Militant.
A casual pose in Victorian Clothes.

Don't fire till you can see the green of my eyes!

A nice collage with the Caledon colours in the background

Patrolling the woods in my duties as Library Militant, ready to give scripting assistance or a book to any I may find there.

Here we see Colour Sgt. Wormser (ret.) Taking out his uniform for parade purposes.

I bet you didn't know that before I came to Caledon, I was a super hero!

Have I mentioned I am crazy for my Lady Love, Lavendar?

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Ambrosia Freenote said...

Neat! The one with you and Dar is so precious. Makes me happy for you.

By the way, you haven't seen my diary laying about, have you? I've been terribly distracted and have misplaced the silly thing already. (