Saturday, September 29, 2007

I've just heard a song...

I've just seen a face,
I can't forget the time or place
Where we just met.
She's just the girl for me
And I want all the world to see
We've met, mmm-mmm-mmm-m'mmm-mmm.

I first noticed Dar when at the Tournament for Life Kissing Booth in Loch Avie when she piped up "I'll kiss Mr. Wormser for L$300" or however much it was. I was flattered by her boldness and like a gentleman, puckered up for a good cause.

Had it been another day
I might have looked the other way
And I'd have never been aware.
But as it is I'll dream of her
Tonight, di-di-di-di'n'di.

I hate to think of the odds of two people meeting and falling in love. I know it happens everyday, but it doesn't happen to me everyday (contrary to what some people think) Until that day, Dar completely flew under my radar, and to this day 4 and half months later I am grateful for her BOLD MOVE.

Falling, yes I am falling,
And she keeps calling
Me back again.

I started falling that day, though I will admit slowly at first, but picked up speed as the months go on, I fall more and deeper each day, faster and faster.

I have never known
The like of this, I've been alone
And I have missed things
And kept out of sight
But other girls were never quite
Like this, da-da-n'da-da'n'da.

My relationship with Dar is the best I have had in SL, she has been with me through a difficult time and good times. There was a time where I was single and dating heavily but did not have any deep, committed, relationships, and I really see I have missed out.

So thats why Dar & I now have a song. This is that song, and I am grateful for Lennon & McCartney to put in such good words the way I feel.


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