Friday, October 19, 2007

A fragmentary discovery

The following was found recently on the beach of FreeFlow, obviously damaged by the sea it seems to be written in ZenMondo's hand...

Dear Journal,

Well I finally after months of consideration (illegible) and she said (page is torn) and I am very very (illegible) I will be looking forward to my first anniversary of being in Caledon and now will have another (illegible) celebrate come Nov. 3

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lord Zen?

As announced in Her Grace Duchess of Kintyre Lavendar Beumont's blog, in being inducted into her court she has elevated this Knight to the rank of Earl for my tireless work I have done in Her Grace's service. She has created and made me 1st Earl of Machrihanish.

It is also well known that Her Grace is also known simply as Dar, my Lady Love, and the topic of my elevation has been in many late night conversations. In fact I dug in my heels and fought it until the 11th hour, holding out hope she would surprise me with induction into the Order of the Dragonfly. I enjoy being a Knight and have no higher aspirations than that. Yet she, and rightly so has reserved that honor for those who have not yet been honored elsewhere. It is very true that I have been recognized time and again for my service, and I should not feel so greedy to be in every chivalric order.

The motto of Kintryre is "Not for ourselves alone", and we are all about service to our nation and the recognition of those that do not usually get the glory. For those of you that know me, I have the heart of a servant. Being in my position has given me a glorious opportunity to serve, and serve not only my Lady Love, but hopefully Caledon as a whole. Also this opportunity has allowed me to serve in ways other than CodePoet. Its nice to know that I am not a one trick pony.

I have reluctantly accepted this elevation, and though I may be styled Lord or Laird I will not "lord" my position over anyone, nor will I cease in my work, I still feel like a Knight, or a Samurai. Samurai literally meaning "one who serves". I hope you will continue to address me as Sir Zen, or even just Zen, or even Mr. Wormser.

And please remember if you have an idea that will serve and benefit Caledon and need codepoetry to see it to completion (including public events), my services for such work has always been and will always be gratis.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The role of criticism

There are times when criticism is warranted, but I have to wonder what the purpose is in creating a persona to do only that, then attmept to pass it off as entertainment.

Now I know we all have our ideas of what Caledon should and should not be, what belongs and what does not. Caledon is an ideal, I have my ideas as to how it should be, and I know that not everyone agrees with me. In most cases I use the covenant as my guide, and some have said I take it too seriously, but I believe in our governing document.

There is room in Caledon for all our ideas and idealism within the theme of our beloved nation.

Dialog is always an option, but it is the opinion of this CodePoet that the creation of a persona to criticize anonymously is not the work of a concerned citizen but that of one who is more concerned with tearing down than building up. If one does have a long history in Caledon and strong opinions and wants to criticize others, I say use the reputation you have built instead of hiding behind a constructed persona, and come out guns blazing with an avatar mere days old.