Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Adventures of the CodePoet: SkyDancing

In spring of 2006, I was still starting out as a CodePoet, and I found myself living in a small artist's community named Grainne O'Malley. A small Irish village, and I was given an apartment rent free above an art Gallery. I would be a resident CodePoet for the village, where the other artists could come to me for their scripting needs. It was a good beginning.

One day, at the end of April, a new artist came to Granny. Tall, wearing a black & yellow jumpsuit. This was Dancoyote Antonelli. He was opening a small space in Granny to show his work.

Soon he approached me for some scripting. On May 2, 2006 DC and I entered into a formal arrangement for some pretty simple scripts, for a very low price, L$300. He drew up a contract for this job, and this surprised me -- all my other work had been done with handshake deals. But I accepted, and he even named our partnership: ZenCoyote Ltd.

I later found out that it was less a job and more of an audition to see if we could work well together. I must have passed, for here we are in 2008, and DC & I are STILL collaborating.

Our latest collaboration is the THIRD incarnation of the ZeroG SkyDancers perfomance entitled Second Spring. I am the technical director of the SkyDancers, and provide most of the scripted elements for the performance. This latest production sees some of our best work yet.

DC also has me working as a host for these shows, greeting, and getting people seated, and helping with client settings. The show runs through March, and I do encourage you to come if you can. If you do make it, you will most likely see me there.

Here is the trailer for Second Spring:

Friday, January 4, 2008

More 1st life stuff

I do have a first life blog (link on the left) but I do feel some stuff can be shared here. There is a DUKE in the SteamKingdom of Wyoming and I have my first subject and have decided not to abdicate after all. Details in my my 1st Life Blog.

In other news, there is this rabbit that lives near my apartment here in Casper, WY. I see him around from time to time, he always hops away from me. Or sometimes I just see his footprints in the snow. I have named him "Desmond".

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A little on topic 1st Life stuff: KING of Wyoming Steampunks

I have determined that I am Wyoming's sole Steampunk. Another reason I do not fit in here. But there is a bright side to it, I have declared myself KING of the Wyoming Steampunks. I will probably abdicate my throne on the news of my first subject, unless of course they like me as SteamLiege. I have also Decided to annex the territories of Montana, Idaho, and the Dakotas as they seem to be void of Steampunks as well. I will lavish titles on any visitors to my court in Casper, WY (though it is our hearts that make us noble not the title) so if you ever wanted to be a Countess or an Earl or something like that, as King of the Wyoming Steampunks I would be happy to ennoble you so a fully recognized title in the SteamKingdom of Wyoming and those kingdoms, principalities, territories and Sky-Admiralties that I have diplomatic relationships with.

You may also gain a title by hosting a State Visit of the King of Wyoming SteamPunks.

I do plan on printing my own money, the Wyoming SteamBuck, but I need help designing the notes, any artists that wish to help will of course be paid in Wyoming SteamBucks.