Saturday, May 5, 2007

About CodePoetry

-=[ About Code Poetry ]=-

A tenet of the Hacker Ethic is, "You can create art and beauty on a computer." This is abundantly clear in Second Life, but not so much when I was learning to program on very limited resources. The first computer I programmed on (at age 6!) was an Apple II+ with 48Kb of RAM, and a processor running at 1 Mhz. Even in High School, we were still in the land of 640k of RAM on PCs. It's true that even then you could create art and beauty on a computer, that others could appreciate, but the real art, the real beauty, could be the underlying code -- the CodePoetry.

Creating CodePoetry, is not simply programming, it is programming in a certain mindset, focusing on elegance, efficiency, and ingenuity. It is programming as an artistic pursuit, not as a technical science.

Though the writing of CodePoetry is an artistic pursuit, it is by no means extravagant or sloppy. It is based on certain rules (as all programs are) so the foundation must be extreme technical skill, once mastering the rules, one can learn to bend them, but never to the point of breaking (for if you break a rule, your program won't compile!).

I see writing CodePoetry as akin to playing improvisational jazz, or the architecture of someone like Frank Lloyd Wright, with a strong foundation of technical skill, going in an unexpected direction, and ariving at beauty.

If you chose to hire me for your project, you are not just hiring another scripter, I will approach your assignment with an artist's eye, and a poet's soul, and deliver you a thing of beauty.

All my scripts come with lifetime technical support, and I am not done until you are satisfied!

-- ZenMondo Wormser

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Tinkergirl said...

Noble sentiments indeed. I do not have such skills as yours, but know enough to appreciate well written and elegant code. I applaud your aims, particularly in a Steampunk world of artistry.