Sunday, May 27, 2007

A late night encounter and musings on the same

The other night, I was up late as insomnia hit me, and who comes to FreeFlow, but the Vicereine herself. She was going to reset Caledon On Sea, as something was amiss, the texture cache I think.
Her Excelency, Her Lyonesse, Kamilah is so so nice. We actually sat and chatted for 40 minutes. It was probably wrong of me to keep her from her rounds, but I can't help myself. I do like to chat -- and charm. Yes, I am shameless I flirted with the Vicereine. One of these days, flirting with my betters is going to get me in trouble.

It was also the first time I flirted with a furry. I love that about Caledon, that everyone is accepted as who they are. Whether we be furry, or human, or neko or even mechanical, fey or other, we are still all Caledonians. Being in Caledon has really taught me that its not one's appearance but one's soul is that which shines through. I guess that can be a lesson in Second Life in general, but being in Caledon made it easier for me to learn. In Caledon we had a shared culture, something in common linking us, making any differences, well, trivial.

I think most people here are sincere in thier presentations of themselves. Our avatars capture us, some more than others, but we all get to live some form of idealized us. I beleive even those playing a "role" are actually just shining the light on a paticular facet of their true gem of personality. How someone presents in Second Life is good enough for me, regardless of what sits on the other side of the screen, the soul still shines through.

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