Monday, May 21, 2007

Social Happenings for the CodePoet

This friday past, was the Tournament for Life in Loch Avie. There were many events leading up to the Tournament, but I didn't seem to get past the kissing booth. I was quite surprised at my first kiss, as a lady said "I will pay L$200 to kiss Mr. Wormser!" I was not scheduled to work the booth, but it was for charity, so I straightened my posture, and agreed to the lady's request and bravely marched to the pose ball.

I also spent L$600 on kisses, going three rounds. Oh the sacrifices I am known to make for RFL Charities! Though my contribution wanes in comparison to the the L$40,000 kiss purchased by Mr. JJ Drinkwater! Even puts my bid at the renaisance rave for the Duchess Sandwich to shame. Three Cheers for Mr. Drinkwater!

The tournament itself was very interesting, the first cross-cultural event between Caledon & Gor. Caledon was represented by Mr. Hostpur O'Toole and much cheering was given him, alas, he did not win. Though the conditions of Lag and such it was a wonder anyone could fight at all!

-=[The Next Day]=-

The Next Day was the final ball of the Spring Season, and the second use of the Dance Card System. This was version 2.0 of the Dance Card as, 2.5 was not ready yet, but could have been useful. I am sure I will have some more suggestions for the Dance Card, and version 3 will be in making in the next few weeks.

Speaking of the Dance Cards I'd like to say publicly that I could not have done it without the assistance and guidance of Miss Virrginia Tombola. She is the one that taught me what Dance Cards were, and was there to bounce Ideas off of how to implement a system in Caledon. She also provided the texture we have been using on the Dance Card.

I probably would have said more at the dance, but the night before I forgot to sleep. Meanwhile in the real world, my user was shaking from exhaustion.

The dance itself was very pleasant, I danced with a total of 9 Ladies having missed the first dance due to lag and my partner crashing. I danced with some new ladies as well as some familiar partners. Sir Red Caliber did a fantastic job in his debut of DJing the event.

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Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

I am honored to have been one of the ladies with whom you danced at the final ball of our Social Season. Despite the fact that your human was remind him to sleep every now and were a lovely partner.

Thanks for your support of our efforts at the Tournament for Life. The event seems to have been a huge success. I am proud to have been able to conceive the idea and see it born so well through the help and generosity of others like you.