Saturday, June 30, 2007

An Introduction and the Care & Feeding of Dollkind

I was relaxing in FreeFlow, my estate in Caledon on Sea as I am oft to do, when someone wandered up to me. This is not an unusual occurrence, and most of the time I look forward to it. Most folk in Caledon are polite and kind.

What I found before me was a young clockwork creation, dressed in black & white, key turning in her back. She had the appearance of a young teenage girl, and acts in that manner, but she was not yet a day old, it being her rez day. She was very polite, almost unsure about being on my estate -- not seeming to realize that parcels in Caledon are privately held, but I assured her she was welcome.

She told me she was hoping to find a girl that would love her and play with her. She seemed so sweet and innocent. I decided to make a gift to her for her rez day something no clockwork creation should be without. I gave her a heart.

I have been chastised before about giving this particular gift too lightly. A friend told me recently just what it means to constuct.

" ... in many construct's minds, in mine when I'm the doll, the gift of a clockwork heart is more important than token, it is life and love and offering and power source It's someone telling us, I know you need this, I know you do not have one of your own, let me give this to you, imbued with some of myself to power the gears Or seen another way, let me be the guiding force in your life, the instrument that keeps breath you may or may not need moving through lungs, to keep life humming under your skin, to provide that spark of soul and power ."

I still don't know what moved me to make this gift... I felt an instant connection with her, and well I just sensed she needed it.

It wasn't long after that that my Lady Love Dar arrived in FreeFlow and met her as well. Again the doll told her of her desire to find someone to love and play with her. Dar often says she is 6, at heart and I half wondered if Dar was not the one she may be looking for. But soon she wanted to explore more of Caledon, we gave her directions to the neighboring sims, and before she left I offered her friendship, which she accepted saying I was her first friend, and with that she said good-bye.

But this doll wouldn't leave my mind... later that night, cuddling on Dar's carousel in Kittiwickshire, Dar suggested that I adopt her. I hadn't really considered it, not knowing if I was up to it or if she would even desire a male guardian. Left me with something to consider.

So I slept on it. However on the next day I heard reports she was doing well, exploring Kittiwickshire, however she had an incident where she was abused, apparently for simply being a doll. She was an innocent alone in the world, and so I offered to be her guardian, and she accepted. So now it is my happy duty to introduce to society, my Ward, Miss Tempyst Lane.

Miss Tempyst Lane, and her Guardian ZenMondo Wormser

Little Miss, as I call her is on a journey of self-discovery as to what it means to be a Doll in this world, and in Caledon in particular, and I hope to be a help along
the way. Together we hope to find that girl that will love her and play with her, if she is out there somewhere. But for now fate has brought us together.

Sir Zen Offers his Guardianship to Tempyst as Lady Lavendar Beumont looks on
(photo by Lavenar Beumont)

Sir Zen shows his new ward her new home, FreeFlow
(photo by Lavendar Beaumont)

This will take some adujustment on my part. FreeFlow isn't really set up but to be the residence of one person. I am not even sure of the needs a doll will have. I guess we will see how FreeFlow evolves. There is much I do not know, and already have had help from those Caledonians that we have encountered together, with advice that wouldn't even occur to me. So in some ways I do think it will take a village. I hope Caledon will help me in welcoming her to our fine society.


Amber_Palowakski said...

*sends a welcome to Miss Tempyst Lane, and suggests to Sir Zen that perhaps he should introduce little Miss Tempest to Miss Cornelia Rothschilde, or at least seek her advice*

Tinsel Silvera said...

Congratulations to you Sir Zen and welcome to Miss Tempyst. I too have the same responsibilites with Miss Noble Ebbage. Might I suggest a get together sometime in the future?