Saturday, June 16, 2007

My first press clippings

I have often joked about wanting to be famous. Well I say its a joke, but its a true desire. Only I want to be known for GOOD THINGS, I don't want to be famous for breaking hearts or doing something dishonorable or unseemly.

Imagine my delight when my photo appeared on pg. 25 of the Metaverse Messanger:

Alas, this was when I had my old slouchy AO, not my new fine "Gentleman Jim" AO (which dear readers, I highly recommend). Alas though my visage is seen, my name is absent from the article, as I am referred to as the anonymous "Mr. Drinkwater's second".

Yet, my name was mentioned in the New World Notes!

Mayhaps fame will be mine after all....


Grattan Nugent-Haire said...

Looking at the article cited in the source link, it seems like the focus of the article is on the poets, not their seconds, anonymous or named. A bit of a stretch to call this a press clipping, except for Drinkwater and Somme.

Erasmus Margulis said...

Mr. Nugent-hair

As Mr. Wormser is pictured, he is a part of the article....and while the focus may be on the participants, a duel would not be a duel without seconds waiting to step in and take their place. You sir, are an ass.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mr Nugent-haire is missing some important parts. What are you jealous of Sir Zen?

Lady Lavendar Beaumont said...

Mr Nugent-haire,

I know Sir Zen, Sir Zen is a friend of mine, and you Sir are NO Sir Zen!!!

Anonymous said...


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