Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Beastly Rumours

It would appear some creature is stalking about Kittiwickshire. I did glance him, hopping in the distance this day past, and he does seem most lupine in appearance. His presence seems to be upsetting some of the fairer folk in Caledon, as hushed whispers come to me ears, "werewolf!".

The poor chap was being chased (though ineptly) through the woods of Kittiwickshire, and really I do not know why.

In Caledon we have been welcoming to all our visitors, be they human, furry, neko, fae, dragons, tinies, or whatever form they take. Surely we can be just as welcoming to a Lycanthrope, I mean if he is civilized and not going around biting people spreading the curse and all...


Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Oh my! Now you know that I am a most tolerant individual...but a werewolf!! I will be sleeping with my pistol and freshly forged silver bullets near to hand.
Should this beast have designs on me, Lady Kate, Nellie, or Bucephalus, I will not hesitate to shoot.

Amber_Palowakski said...

All I want is a bloody good pic of the beastie, not his fleeing backside, as it seems every pic ends up being of him. But if he attacks me, I will not hesitate to use my freshly forged Fiochmhar Fearg silver-plated sword in self-defense. And I personally have no animosity to werewolves, as you recall, my brother, the good Colonel (Ret.) Gottfried Lord Eusebio is a werewolf.