Thursday, June 14, 2007

A quiet moment in Kitiwickshire, contemplation and a proposition

Here I am cuddling with Lady Lavendar Beaumont, something I am in the the habit of doing of late. It was while I was cuddling with her, one evening in Kittiwickshire, that she told me of the party she is having to raise money for RFL. She told me it was going to be themed after the musical, South Pacific, and asked if I was familiar with it. "I played Lt. Buzz Adams in a production in High School, " was my response, "So a party is a grand idea, but how to raise money?" "Funny you should ask, " said my Dar, "We are going to have a Beefcake auction."

"Oh, " said I, "think I can participate anyway?"

"Of course I was going to ask you..." and so on.

So now I have to think of a date. I think I have a good idea...

To the lucky winner, I will conduct a whimsical tour of some examples of codepoetry scattered around the grid, to be followed by dancing by moonlight on a secluded beach, (even if we have to force midnight to do it) while I compose poetry of the non-code variety for my date, and will script a picture of her choice to read the poem of her choice.

Also at a later date I will arrange for a seat in the audience for a Zero-G Skydance, a Hyperformalist performance conceived by Dancoyote Antonelli, who I have collaborated for about a year now, and provide the codepoetry used in the performance.

I will also make a gift of a clockwork heart.

I hope that will do nicely.

The auction will be held on the 22nd of June, look soon to the hubs for info.

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Anonymous said...

Some people should be careful about giving hearts away..