Sunday, July 15, 2007

Conflagration In Caledon

I'd like to write this in character, but I do not have it in me tonight. We were to put to bed tonight all the war and fighting of the militia, in a week long event of RP and skirmishes, to be decided in a grand game of capture the flag.

It was to be a battle with agreed upon rules and weapons, though such things were thrown out the window.

Firstly The Blue team started prematurely and those on the blue team disregarded any orders to return to starting position, so the result of this is that the blue team had kills and had players in the red camp BEFORE the game even started, and succeeding in capturing our flag seconds into the game.

Secondly the Blue team rezzed several decoy flags, and when those were removed, the remaining flag was not capturable by the red team, the first is unsporting, the second another "bug" in favor of the blue team.

Thirdly Blue Team seemed to use illegal push weapons, and several players on both teams were orbited. I even had report of Blue Leader Mordecai Scaggs orbiting Red Leader Edward Pearse. The pushing got so bad, that Red Team retired from the field, for they could not KEEP TO the field, so really what was the point?

There were also reports of caging, apparently only Red Team Members were caged.

There are unfounded rumors that there were three griefers on the field, wrecking havoc. No one on the red team spotted anyone on the field that did not belong. Supposedly the Red Cross has three names, but they have not been made available to me.

So we ended the RP at the Anvil, and Scaggs had the gall to say "[0:11] Mordecai Scaggs: It matters not who won or lost - though we did win - but that we fought, everyone of us, hard and fair"

This was NOT a fair fight by any means. Even if the Blue Team did not cheat all the events that lead to fiasco, all the grievous situations favored the blue team, I used to believe in coincidence, but this is a hard one to swallow.


Anonymous said...

Sir Zen,
I served as amedic in the battleand was very disturbed by what I witnessed. Being new to Caledon, I was not sure what to expect , but had pictured in my mind a battle somewhat like the American Civil War. What I saw instead was a battle right out of “Star Wars”. In my duties as a medic a served both sides, to assist the wounded. As their were only four of us on the medical team ,we were split up and I was sent to the blue camp. During my attempt to get to the blue camp I experienced difficulty moving at times ( I attributed this to lag at the time). However, I continued to make my way. When I was suddenly pushed (?) of fthe top of the mountain and landed in the bottom of the ocean! I was able to find my way back to the battlefield and continued to the blue camp headquarters. What I witnessed there horrified me. There were 4 huge balls of what appeared to be lightning surrounding our brave soldiers, at least two of whom were in blue. I am not sure of the others. Shots were being fired everywhere, and I had to duck in to the blue camp headquarters to avoid being shot. It was at this point that I saw a stranger(for I donot believe him to be one of our own) firing the wepon that was creating those horrible balls of lightening. He was dressed in a beigeish uniform and a helmet, and resembled a storm trooper.
I am deeply concerned about not only of what I witnessed , but of the reprecussions of this battle. There is so much anger and blame from bothside sides that I feel there are things being overlooked. My heart wishes that issue can be resolved and that we can all be Caledonians once again, neither red nor blue.
MearaLeFey Messmer

Current Population: 2 said...

There were external griefers on the field deliberately orbiting and caging people on both sides, from what I have been able to glean from my husband. Sadly, as no-one with the correct permissions was available, little could be done to remove them. They had previously attacked and been ejected from at least one other location in Caledon before being attracted to the battlefield.

There were technical issues with the game and the fact that "Push" was enabled on the land, a decision that with hindsight is all very easy to criticise. Both teams had push weapons, the reason it was decided to enable this in the first place. If anything, in terms of sheer armaments, the Red Team far outgunned the Blue.

BOTH teams had to deal with the issues. Only one team decided to throw its toys out of the pram and abandon their commanding officer on the field of battle half way through. Having tested the game, grabbing the flag was quite a difficult endeavour without having to dodge enemy fire at the same time.

No-one should be crowing about their actions as there were instances of behaviour unbecoming on both sides; neither should anyone be accusing the referees of bias. Both Miss Paris and Alfonso worked hard to provide a roleplaying experience for a very disparate group of people, several of whom could not or would not leave past slights out of the equation.

Hopefully these issues have now been addressed to your satiscation in game by the people you should have raised your concerns with in the first place.

Of all the people I expected to write a vitriolic diatribe, Mr Wormser, you were not the one.

Fuschia Begonia

Current Population: 2 said...

Blimey! Who needs militia when you have a pixie!

I can only offer an apology for the poor affair that was the battle and am happy(?) to shoulder that responibility myself.

However, I do find it a tad insulting that there is any suggestion that myself or Miss Paris would skew any of the events towards either team.


Alfonso Avalanche

Amber_Palowakski said...

Sir Zen,
First, as I have already done so in Colonel O'Toole's blog ( ), I offer my apologies, for my actions based on *ignorance*.

When I joined the Blue team several days ago, I was under the impression I was an accepted member of the rp. There was a lack of communication between Miss Lapin and Colonel Scaggs, and they never added me to the third rp group of which both teams were members. So I never heard the announcement of a second attack launch time. When I enetered the Red Camp, I had done so with the understanding that the combat had already begun. As it was in the heat of battle, I was really paying no attention to the normal chat. I never saw requests for returning to my camp in normal chat, and was not aware there was a command to return to camp in the third encompassing rp chat. So I attacked.

Now I know *nothing* of orbitting, except at the very outset, when i accidently killed one of my own team members in the distance, thinking red team was invading our camp, and that team member then orbitted me. After that point, I was working my way on my own to your camp. The entire time I used Ordinal Malaprop's revolver. Everyone I shot, "died" according to the HUD, myself included. Not one person I shot was orbited.

After I "died" the 5th time, I withdrew from the field of battle to the medics' tents, where I pretty much sat out most of the second half of the combat as a wounded soldier. While I lie in the tents as a wounded, I was attacked several times by red team members. I grumbled to the medical staff about it, and about why no one else would avail the uses of the Dr.'s and nurses in the field. But I didn't make a stink of it to anybody else.

As far as flags go...I tried *multiple* times to steal the flag you were carrying. Oddly, I wasn't able to take it from you. I automatically *assumed* it was a glitch. It never even crossed my mind that you made a false flag, or tinkered with the flag to make it unobtainable. As lag was incredibly high, I wrote it off as that.

After the combat was over, I was accused of cheating. That broke my heart. I LITERALLY cried for three hours over that. Anybody who knows me (YOU especially!!!!), should know that my behaviour in Caledon has almost 99.999999% consistently had been one of behaving *honourably*. Goddess, I would never risk loosing friends (and I would like to think I have friends on both teams), over a stupid, old silly "capture the flag game". I found out *after the fact* that I had upset people, but God and Goddess is my witness, I *never* intentionally tried to harm anybody, nor did I ever intend to cheat. I do apologize for my actions, but I hope with all my heart that you recognize that what I have done was done out of *ignorance*. If I had known there was a thrid chat group, I would have asked to be made a member of it. If that would have been the case, I would have heard the command not to commence the attack yet, and I ***NEVER*** would have attacked red team till the signal was given.

I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. I have been close to tears (RL), all day over this, anguishing over the potential loss of friends because of this fiasco. And to me, my friends in Caledon are dear to my heart, and I desire to lose none of them.

Lady Amber

Hotspur O'Toole said...

BOTH teams had to deal with the issues. Only one team decided to throw its toys out of the pram and abandon their commanding officer on the field of battle half way through. Having tested the game, grabbing the flag was quite a difficult endeavour without having to dodge enemy fire at the same time.

I'm surprised at the nastiness of this, Fuschia. You might object to the actions of the Red Team, but we weren't sneering at you or the Professor, like you are here at us. It does not become you, nor does it patch ill feeling, which there are aplenty. Maybe we just let it go?

I (and just about everyone on the Red Team) sincerely felt that the Blue Team were using heavy push and orbit weapons at the time. Lacking any better information, it seemed to most of us that what was meant as a harmless game had become a "win at any cost" situation. Our action was meant as both a protest and a gesture of our great anger and disgust at the time. I'm sorry this does not sit well with you, but that does not mean it wasn't sincere.

Yours Most respectfully,

Sir Hotspur O'Toole

Current Population: 2 said...

I tend not to be nasty, Mr O'Toole (heaven help you if you ever catch me being so); I speak as I find. As such, I felt that the initial statement made by Mr Wormser was unjustly harsh and above all untrue. It may not have been directed at me, but it was partially directed at my husband who had worked long and hard at this event and was being tacitly accused of turning a blind eye to all manner of dubious behaviour. He is a good and gentle man and I defend my right to defend him when he's too kind and polite to do it himself. Mr Wormser has now made his position clear regarding the referees and that is all I shall say on that matter.

You are however correct on one point; my metaphor was somewhat ill advised and I apologise for that unreservedly. What I should have said was "took your ball home". Sorry, flag. But, in the spirit of fair play, of course I shall take advice from a person such as yourself who has such an utterly spotless reputation when it comes to this type of roleplaying event.

So yes, let's draw a line under all of this unpleasantness and get on with drinking tea,eating lots of cake and dancing until long past dawn. Which, let's face it, is what Caledon does best.

Fuschia Begonia

Hotspur O'Toole said...

of course I shall take advice from a person such as yourself who has such an utterly spotless reputation when it comes to this type of roleplaying event.

No need to get your wings a-fluttering Ma'am. I wouldn't dream of advising you on RP-- that would be presumptious at best. Your accomplishments speak for themselves-- I am a mere piker in comparison. I also suspect the last statement is at least.. "open to challenge" in some circles-- but I appreciate your sincere compliment.

Pray allow me to add to Mr. Wormser's general statement of clarification.. *I* had absolutely criticism with Mr. Avalanche's performance as a referee, and I have nothing but admiration for his hard work with such a difficult and demanding task. Frankly, I think the good professor has prostrated himself FAR too much in the aftermath of the Primverness Affair; I really cannot see how it could have been managed better in so short a time. The good professor has done far too much for Caledon, for far too long, to assume such a burden of guilt. That is no mere flummery-- it is a simple truth.

There's been a lot of second guessing and judgemental talk going round about this event, including by several who were not even present, so do not know, for certain, what happened. To cast dispersions on a group of people, whether ye think they abandoned their commander or took their football and went home is, in my way of thinking not an action that will build a spirit of community in an already fractious and divided Caledon. If anything, people are far more angry and divided now then they were a week ago, going into this event. I am only concerned about the inevitable result of pouring petrol onto smoldering embers.

reaching for the tea and crumpets now.

Yours Most Respectfully,

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