Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I am Number 6

I really don't want to toot my own horn about this, so I will let our Guvnah do it for me.

Zenmondo... where does one begin with Zenmondo?

Zen is the sort of fellow that one finds in movies; an unorthodox hero that might make the casual observer wonder: this jovial, offbeat, wayward fellow ~ a knight?

But just like the movies, the story reveals the truth. Our Zen has done countless quiet things for camaraderie and community: usually with his scripting talents, all too often with comic relief, and ultimately ~ with his heart.

RFL's kiosks in 2009 wouldn't have worked at all, were it not for Zen. Long hours of tireless, thankless effort on an unstoppable schedule. All of it selfless, unrecognised effort for people in need and a cause greater than himself.

He is a true Knight of Caledon.

- Desmond Shang


Anonymous said...

Yup. That pretty much nails him. He rocks.

Anonymous said...

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