Friday, February 22, 2008

Ambassador Zen

For those of you who were not on the state channel shortly after Midnight, SLT Feb. 22, 02008:

[0:08] Desmond Shang: oh, in OTHER news,
[0:08] Desmond Shang: ZenMondo Wormser has petitioned, and has been accepted as,
[0:09] Desmond Shang: Caledon's Ambassador to the Real World.
[0:09] Desmond Shang: wherever that is!

So its official, I am Caledon's Ambassador to the Real World (wherever that is). I am happy to have this post. I do not feel any less Caledonian when I log out in second life, and even my attire tends to reflect this.

Now the Caledonian Embassy will have to serve triple duty, as Embassy for Caledon, Court of the KING of Wyoming SteamPunks, and well, my apartment.

I do plan on doing something with this and spreading Caledoniansim to the real world.

Now I need a Real Life Caledon Flag, Caledon Passport, Caledon Tartan Kilt, and Caledon Tartan Boxer Shorts.


Anonymous said...

Many congratulations on your new post. I'm sure you will discharge your duties with wisdom, diligence and fidelity.

However, I do wish to warn you that I have heard rumors that inhabitants of RL who are known to be in possession of tartan boxer shorts may be shot on sight, so do be prudent in your dealings with outsiders.


Diva Regina

Neb said...

I can help you with the flag. For shorts, you're on your own...

Yours etc.,

Nabila N Peterman